ME System - 'Do-it-yourself' system to raise fish and grow vegetables.
Aquaponics System Construction - Build your own aquaponics system prototype. Grow vegetables while raising fish.
Growing with Aquaponics - Guidelines and diagnostics to grow vegetables and raise fish. [ under development ]
List of Farmable Fish - Fish that can be raised in 'cold water' aquaponics systems.
Worm Bin Construction - Build your own container to change vegetable scraps into food for plants.
Worm Care and Feeding - Procedures to feed and care for your composting worms.
References - Useful sites and books.
TheGrowing.Org is a wiki based, technical documentation resource for growing food where viable sources of soil, water, sunlight and(or) space are limited. Step-by-step instructions and pictures empower you to do it yourself. All materials can be found at a local hardware, pet, and commercial department store.